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What is a Bodyguard? A Secret Service Agent Lookalike? A Goon?

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What does one imagine when thinking about a “bodyguard”? When one considers the authentic picture of a “bodyguard”, the vast majority imagine a substantial, tall, mean looking individual, equipped for lifting you in one hand and hurling you over the room, apparently without exertion.

In this day and age, security experts allude to “bodyguards”, our partners, as “official insurance pros” or “EP operators”.

Regarding noting the primary inquiry, “What is a bodyguard”; how about we initially pose the inquiry: What is Executive Protection?

Official Protection is the mix and arrangement of london bodyguard services physical and specialized safety efforts and countermeasures to ensure the life of the protectee (individual secured) as well as corporate resource or property.

Official security is not just the conventional picture of a “goon” guarding a dignitary, V.I.P. or, on the other hand big name. The present day insurance operator picture is fixated on:

o a “non-fierce, occurrence evasion” proficient.

o the hostile, strategic, ambush disapproved of individual serves his/her motivation in a “compound” situation.

o the present official security authority is prepared to “cover and clear”.


o large stature

o flashy garments

o always furnished – legitimate or not

o forceful and forceful

o “gofer” or “attendant” part

o site insurance as it were

o overuse of work force

o not constantly prepared or instructed


o average stature

o business dress

o armed when vital

o diplomatic and adaptable

o security proficient

o 24/7 add up to insurance

o technology utilized when conceivable

o educated and PC proficient

The above examination and additionally outline prompts an issue which is unforgettable to my heart, since very regularly in the present business world, a clueless customer endeavors to search out a qualified proficient and without knowing or understanding, the customer approaches a firm or person whom he or she has situated through the business catalog or web, and ends up talking about their intense issues with an individual straightforwardly from the above rundown: the past picture of an Executive Protection Agent.

Very frequently today, asserted experts rise, nearly once a day, having gotten their state permit or “no” permit at all and hang up “shingles” and direct business. In New York or Florida, for cases, the prerequisite for giving Executive Protection or bodyguard administrations is ownership of a Private Investigator’s permit. There is no other preparing or experience required. This happens very regularly and these alleged experts introduce themselves as the Executive Protection master “professional!

They forego any similarity of legitimate operational conventions, for example, ‘security propel work’ and for the most part without directing an appropriate risk or weakness appraisal, offer to give customers defensive administrations and more awful of all, at “cut” rates.

They not just trade off the nature of administration rendered the customer, yet they additionally weaken the calling, undermining the ‘qualified experts’ around here and totally undermine the calling from a ‘business viewpoint’.

All that really matters is the clueless customer can’t comprehend why he or she is being cited rates as low as $40 and as high as $200 every hour.

Note: The fact of the matter be known, a customer can without much of a stretch acquire administrations of a qualified proficient for around $100-$125 every hour locally and to some degree higher for global assignments.

Reality additionally be known, the dominant part of these ‘shingle hanging non-experts’ couldn’t clarify or explain the embodiment of “Official Protection, it’s methodology and ideas and most likely don’t know or comprehend the fundamental contrast between a risk and powerlessness appraisal.

Another lie in this business is the conviction that involvement in the military, particularly, the ‘special forces’ understanding, is basic to this field. This is so not genuine. Locally, in the mainland U.S., exceedingly vital, hostile battle encounter is not the ‘end all’ and ‘be all’ with regards to defensive assignments. This experience, be that as it may, has a truly essential part in some ‘high hazard’ situations, for example, Colombia or Iraq, however the typical, standard, consistently defensive task is normally a ‘one man’ and now and then a ‘two man detail’ and from time to time more. Truth be told, this standard sort defensive task is normally just ‘outfitted escort’ without the advantage of propel security work.

Basically, defensive administration without the utilization of the security progress is just ‘outfitted escort’. In this situation, the defenders, particularly, the ‘shingle hanging non-experts’ will be similarly as powerless against assault as the individual ensured.

Finally, another point to specify and a miserable point at that, is, these people’s inconceivable absence of comprehension of the significance of meticulousness and in being readied. On the off chance that an insurance operator maintains nothing else, he/she complies with the motto, “inability to get ready is getting ready to come up short”. This attitude was continually imbued into the outlook of all Secret Service Agents and the outcome was apparent in all parts of operation.

Basically, customers ought to be steady in their investigation of the ‘Defensive Services’ supplier. Forthcoming customers should investigate the vital behind the firm and hope to check whether the site offers BIO’s on any of the principals. In many cases, customers can not decide the foundation or certifications of the principal(s) behind the firm on the grounds that the “page” topic in “About us” is helpfully light or evaded out and out. There might be general explanations about foundation, experience and accreditations.