Echo GT-225 sixteen” fuel Curved Shaft Trimmer assessment


My Echo GT-225 16″ gasoline curved shaft trimmer got here from home Depot for $159 plus tax. It become absolutely assembled and blanketed protection glasses and a small bottle of 2 cycle oil. Echo offers a five 12 months customer warranty. For commercial use the guarantee is reduced to 2 years.

This trimmer is cleverly designed so that one man or woman cannot fill the gas tank without spilling the gasoline. it’s miles possible to fill with out a spill, 128ld weed eater if a 2nd individual holds the trimmer at simply the proper angle. thus far this is the simplest characteristic that I certainly do not like. as with any two cycle engines you need to blend oil with the gas.

The 21.2 cc engine starts without difficulty, runs easily, and has sufficient energy. The noise is exceptionally much less than my previous Robi model. The slicing duration (16″) is a sign of strength. previously I were given a ten” electric powered trimmer and it did no longer have enough electricity or endurance. For a medium to massive backyard i’d now not get anything much less than sixteen”. The vibration degree is low. i might have preferred the shaft to be a touch longer but that isn’t always a major hassle.

The Echo GT-225 trims and edges well. the burden is at the low facet at 10.1 pounds. A shoulder strap isn’t blanketed, and probably isn’t wished due to the light weight. numerous portions of.80 strings are protected. it is very smooth to insert 2 portions of line into the top without the use of any tools. My medium sized garden calls for about four line strips according to reduce. I attempted some heavier off logo line, and that worked nicely for me. but, it’s far possible that heavier line should placed extra stress at the engine. in case you need a head with a spool of line, you have to be able to locate an aftermarket head so as to match.

All trimmers are risky so it is vital to examine and comply with the protection precautions. You do no longer need to spill gas on a warm engine. safety glasses are critical and the ones Echo consists of work properly. Ear safety is usually recommended.

My remaining fuel trimmer fee $ninety nine and the Echo GT-225 is a particular improve. The engine is the coronary heart of a trimmer and this version does have a great one. For family use I suppose this is a superb desire. for very massive yards or industrial use you can need at look at something extra effective with an car line feeder.

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