Health Care Democratization Via IBM Watson’s Self Diagnosis

Let be honest, medicinal services is excessively expensive. It appears with the majority of our innovation that we ought to have possessed the capacity to bring down the cost of social insurance, yet that hasn’t happened. Perhaps it’s a great opportunity to bring some of this innovation onto the majority. For example I might want to run a proposition by you, this is something that everybody will have the capacity to utilize and it could really cut immense measures of expenses in human services, while sparing lives and keeping Americans more advantageous and more joyful all the while, at the same time sparing them cash. Affirm so how about we discuss it, and let me clarify.

How about we call this arrangement or program; Winslow’s Healthcare Democratization Self-Diagnostic App or WHDSA. Here’s the manner by which I suggest that this will work. Since everybody later on will have an advanced mobile phone, or have a companion who has a IBM RPA, or some way squirm themselves into a free Obama Phone, one which will have a computerized camera – it appears that individuals could take a photo of their skin to decide whether it is destructive or not, or put salivation or spit onto a little glass plate and take a top notch computerized picture of it – and after that ask the PDA application on the off chance that anything is not kidding. With a high determination computerized picture which could look down to the sub-atomic level, the advanced mobile phone could see microscopic organisms, or contaminated cells. These photos could be transferred to something like IBM’s Watson Supercomputer (well, very nearly a supercomputer), which could take in a great many request a moment, look through its database and tell the general population what isn’t right with them, and afterward a rundown of things they ought to do.

Maybe it may propose an alternate dietary supplement, more exercise, or an adjustment in way of life. On the off chance that people did that they wouldn’t get more wiped out, or enable themselves to come to the heart of the matter that they required hospitalization or uncommon treatment. With less individuals heading off to the specialist or to the clinic this would spare cash on everybody’s medicinal services protection and decrease the expansion in expenses of social insurance because of free market activity in light of the fact that the request would be significantly less. This as well as it would put the greater part of that innovative restorative indicative capacity in the hands of the residents, and they wouldn’t need to trouble pros, or take up their costly time. I can’t help suspecting that we are doing some of that now, yet it’s chance that we take everything to the following level, it gives the idea that with these handheld gadgets everywhere throughout the world we could nearly outline a worldwide general framework for everybody on the planet, and we as of now effortlessly have the handling energy to do it. This would spare mind boggling sums in all nations in social insurance costs. If it’s not too much trouble think about this and think on it.

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